The NICHE-Leeds Partnership Model

The NICHE-Leeds partnership model is based on a Dutch model which was developed at Maastricht University. The Dutch model is called the Academic Collaborative Centre on Care for Older People (ACC-COP, or the ‘living lab’ for short) and started over 20 years ago.

On 4th – 6th May we hosted Dutch colleagues in Leeds and during the visit we:

  • exchanged experiences and identified overlap and connections in our work
  • heard about research projects taking place in Leeds and the Netherlands
  • discussed what makes partnership working work well
  • discussed the role of the Practice Linking Pin
  • discussed the role of family and friends

We are now working on taking key topics forward and writing up our discussions. Stay tuned to hear more about how this. NICHE-Leeds; what an inspiring and exciting venture be to part of!

Find out more about Springfield’s partnership with NICHE-Leeds.

Some of the NICHE-Leeds and The Living Lab in Ageing and Long-Term Care partnership members during a meeting in Leeds in May 2022.