World Music Day

In recognition of World Music Day, we want to focus on the benefits of music for individuals with dementia. Music is a powerful tool, which unlocks memories and connects to parts of the brain in ways that other forms of communication cannot. Research highlights the positive effects of music for people with dementia for improving cognition, memory, speech, communication skills and overall wellbeing. It has also been found to reduce agitation and depression for some individuals. 

We have recently invested more into our wellbeing programmes, with additional team members and specialists in sport and music across our homes, focusing on providing more and more opportunities for residents.

Recently, we have:

  • Hosted 1950’s and 1970’s days at Seacroft Green, where residents enjoyed singing, dancing and listening to some of their favourite songs
  • Enjoyed weekly karaoke sing-a-longs to music of resident’s choice across our Springfield homes
  • Participated in ‘move to music’ activities at Chocolate Works Care Village which provided residents with opportunities to keep fit and enjoy music together
  • Listened and sang along to music from different countries on our Springfield Grab Your Passport! days where residents virtually visit different countries each month to experience the different cultures


Condolences on the passing of Her Majesty The Queen

Condolences on the passing of Her Majesty The Queen

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