Springfield Staff feature in The Journal of Dementia Care with NICHE-Leeds

“Addressing questions that matter for people living and working in care homes”

Research conducted within care homes can help to improve and deliver outstanding care. NICHE-Leeds talks about how this research should be conducted in the latest Journal of Dementia Care.

Alys Griffiths (psychologist and applied health researcher with NICHE-Leeds), Angela Randle (Head of Kindness, Care and Quality at Springfield Healthcare) and Reena Devi (senior research fellow at the University of Leeds and Springfield Healthcare – NICHE-Leeds Linking Pin). All authors are affiliated with NICHE-Leeds.

NICHE-Leeds strived to answer questions that matter to people living, working in and visiting care homes to enhance their experiences. Researchers spent time in several care homes to understand any concerns and from this, developed a five step approach:

  1. Identify priorities
  2. Develop research questions
  3. Search, appraise and translate evidence
  4. Generate new evidence
  5. Embed in everyday practice

This approach is flexible and depends on the area being addressed and what works for staff, residents, and their family and friends.


Findings showed that working with care homes makes sure that research is relevant, accessible, and impactful. “By forming partnerships with the leadership, expertise and skills for care home research and development, and by ensuring a resident-centred focus, there is demonstrable scope for promoting quality and effective innovation.”

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