Residents enjoying nature and the outdoors

As we enter Spring and the weather warms, residents have been enjoying the outdoors, reflecting on how the sunshine and fresh air make them feel and how it is beneficial to wellbeing. Spending time outdoors is beneficial for both the body and mind, especially for those living in care homes. Activities such as gardening, taking walks, bird watching or even sitting and watching the world go by can boost mood, reduce feelings of stress and mental fatigue, and improve overall physical health.

At Springfield, our homes are purpose-built to provide plenty of outdoor space for residents to engage with nature and experience the benefits that come with being being outside. Our gardens are accessible for all residents, and designed to promote independence and provide opportunities.

We involve our residents in the design and upkeep of our gardens with frequent outdoor sessions. This week, we brought nature inside, at Mayfield View, due to the rain. Residents potted sunflower seeds so they can look after them and watch them grow over the next couple of months. They are most excited to see who’s sunflower will grow the most.

At Mayfield View, our activities and wellbeing team regularly host sensory sessions with flowers and plants that stimulate the senses through touch, sight, scent and taste. These sensory sessions can be helpful in treating memory issues by offering a variety of ways for them to communicate using all their senses. It also allows residents to engage with the environment around them. Residents especially enjoyed smelling the fresh lavender and rosemary, talking about how they used a variety of herbs to cook.

Orchid Ambassadors at Springfield Healthcare

Orchid Ambassadors at Springfield Healthcare

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