Our residents are completing a 5K walking challenge.. on their communities

Seacroft Grange’s Courtyard, Fairview and Green Communities are all participating in the 5k walking challenge over the course of February 2021. We have created some designated ‘walking’ areas on the corridors where residents will be walking (a total of 242 lengths) over the month of February to complete this challenge. Whatever the residents abilities, we will be supporting them every step of the way. Nothing is stopping our residents as our activities and wellbeing team will be walking with them down the corridors to meet the 5k target!

Some of our residents have already completed their laps for week 1 and everyone is having so much fun walking (in some cases even dancing) down the corridors to music and applause from other residents. Well done to everyone who is participating and to those who have already got some of their steps in this week.