Our 2023 SARAs Finalists

Springfield’s Staff Annual Recognition Awards (SARAs) are back this year, and we’re excited to share our finalists with you!

Our judges said it was extremely difficult to choose the finalists for each category, but we’re delighted to announce our finalists who will be joining the panel at Harcourt Gardens on 8th and 9th June.

Award Finalists

Care Worker (Care Villages)

Sarah Boylan (Chocolate Works)

Sharon Hirst (Garforth Care Home)

Natasha Galley (Seacroft Green)

Georgia Sterling (Seacroft Grange)

Care Worker (Homecare)

Sue Teggin (North Yorkshire)

Janet Wiltshire (Leeds)

Kerry Stamp (Hull)

Care Newcomer (Care Villages)

Davidson Osuoha (Seacroft Green)

Harry Quinnin (Harcourt Gardens)

Kay Trenchard-Hill (Chapter House)

Care Newcomer (Homecare)

Maisie Briggs (Darlington)

Chelsie Handley (Leeds)

Heidi Collins (Newcastle)

Care Team (Care Villages)

Mayfield View Care Home (Mayfield View)

Riverside Community (Chocolate Works)

Garforth Care Home (Garforth Care Home)

Fairview Community (Seacroft Grange)

Care Team (Homecare)

Hartlepool (Laurens Team)

Leeds (Rothwell Team)

Darlington (Haughton)

Leadership (Care Villages)

Katie Cliff (Mayfield View)

Steph Bates (Chocolate Works)

Angela Sugden (Seacroft Green)

Eve Moran (Seacroft Grange)

Leadership (Homecare)

Vicki Watt (Leeds)

Suzanne Rogers (Hull)

Chloe Gelikdag (Newcastle)

Dignity Champion (Care Villages)

Ella Bond (Chocolate Works)

Julie Haire (Chapter House)

Jill Pollard (Harcourt Gardens)

Dignity Champion (Homecare)

Beth Lancaster (North Yorkshire)

Craig Bown (Hartlepool)

Angela Eden (Hull)

Front Line Leaders Award (Homecare)

Joanne Massey (Newcastle)

Jemma Ellis (North Yorkshire)

Sarah Collinson (Live in)

Support Team Member – Front of House (Care Villages)

Kym Marsden (Regional)

Kimberly Smales (Seacroft Grange)

Kirsty Neale (Mayfield View)

Kirsty Steward (Harcourt Gardens)

Support Team Member – Back of House (Care Villages)

Caroline Hansel (Seacroft Green)

Kay Hanlon (Seacroft Green)

Debbie Smith (Garforth Care Home)

Richard Money (Harcourt Gardens)

Support Team Member (Homecare)

Kelly Baird (Regional)

Terry Perkins (Training)

Samantha Collins (Newcastle)

Palliative Care/End of Life Care (Homecare)

Maureen Cronin (Leeds)

Caroline Deegan (Live in)

Mildret Dungwa (Live in)

You’re A Star Award (Care Villages)

Michelle Horner (Garforth Care Home)

Vanessa Playford (Chapter House)

Charlotte Linley (Seacroft Grange)

You’re A Star Award (Homecare)

Richard Durkin (Hartlepool)

Helen Scott (Darlington)

Sarah Benn (Hull)

Congratulations to all our finalists, it has been extremely difficult for our panel to choose since we have so many amazing colleagues who are all very deserving. Thank you to all our wonderful Springfield teams and staff who deliver high-quality, compassionate and kind care every single day.

Winner’s will be announced at our SARAs events which are being held on 28th and 29th June. Follow us on Facebook to see updates from our event.

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