Mayfield View resident celebrates in style

On Wednesday 23rd September Mayfield View resident, Eileen Warham celebrated her milestone 100th birthday with staff and fellow residents marking the occasion with a champagne toast and karaoke!

Eileen said ‘I’ve had a fantastic life so far and have been blessed with 4 wonderful sons. Obviously, I would have loved to be with them somewhere today, but circumstances wouldn’t allow and there is nowhere else I would rather have been than here. Everyone has been so kind and now I am tired out’

Colne based Little Islands kindly loaned one of their hugely popular “Jolley Trollies” for the enjoyment of all of our residents.  The trolley has helped create extra opportunities for enrichment and engagement, particularly for those living with dementia and home manager Katie Capes was only too pleased to have it in the home saying “The residents have really loved the activities and with lots of infection control procedures in place we have been able to move the trolley around the home for the benefit of all of our residents.  We always have a busy activities schedule but its great to have the opportunity to introduce something new – the karaoke has been a particular hit!”

Jolly Trolleys are a great way to encourage residents to engage in wider social activities, being particularly beneficial for residents with limited mobility because they are fully portable and activities can be carried out anywhere in the home. The ‘mobile interactive entertainment’ Jolly Trolley uses the latest technology from sensory lights to bluetooth and music to offer something for residents to stimulate all their senses and create a pathway of communication, most importantly great fun has been had by all things to do, all of which are designed to enhance general health as well as their wellbeing.  Never has this been more important than now, when visits from family and friends are so very limited.

Orchid Ambassadors at Springfield Healthcare

Orchid Ambassadors at Springfield Healthcare

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