Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties at Springfield

In preparation for our Staff Annual Recognition Awards (SARA’s), which are being held on 28th and 29th July and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party themed, we wanted to share the celebrations with our residents and service users. Our teams at Springfield organised Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties across the homes and branches and we may be biased, but they did an amazing job!

Take a scroll through the photos below to see what they got up too.  Remember to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all our activities.

Seacroft Grange’s Care Team

The team at Seacroft Grange organised a huge spread for residents to tuck in too. They also welcomed an entertainer who spent the afternoon singing for residents, many of whom got up to dance along.

Check out this amazing cake which was baked by the father of one our care assistants at Seacroft Grange – thank you!!

Mayfield View’s Care Team

At Mayfield View, residents reminisced by watching the film Alice in Wonderland in the cinema before meeting the characters from Alice and Wonderland. They then enjoyed lots of lovely food and drinks, Mad Hatter style of course!

Chocolate Work’s Care Team

Harcourt Gardens’ Care Team

At Harcourt Gardens, residents enjoyed an afternoon of fun in the Hibiscus Tea Rooms, with plenty of snacks, drinks and entertainment!

Seacroft Green’s Care Team

At Seacroft Green, they welcomed Miss Marina Mae who got residents up and dancing along to some popular music. They also organised for a mobile zoo to visit with some fluffy animals and some exotic pets, which joined them in the garden for an afternoon of fun and laughter! Everyone had a great afternoon celebrating. 

Residential Real Estate Awards Finalist

Residential Real Estate Awards Finalist

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Open day at Chapter House, Beverley, August 4th

Open day at Chapter House, Beverley, August 4th

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