Introducing our SARAs winners

What a wonderful time we had at our SARAs event which was held on 28th and 29th July! Although we have announced our winners, we truly believe that every single member of our team at Springfield are winners! We would like to thank all our dedicated and talented team who provide excellent standards of care to so many people. We’re so proud of all our colleagues.

Here’s what our judges had to say about our SARAs winners.

Care Worker (Care Villages) – Sharon Hirst

Sharon epitomises everything that it means to care, demonstrating empathy and focus on each individual resident to enable them to be safe, all whilst creating the right atmosphere within home. She is the Garforth Care Homes’ wellbeing ambassador and the “go to” person in the home. Sharon is a real team player who shows incredible professional skills, compassion, and mentoring abilities, exemplifying an all-round person and a leader of the future.

Care Worker (Homecare) – Janet Wiltshire

Janet radiates caring, compassion and empathy when she speaks of her clients. She feels deeply about the difference that she can make to their daily life, and the nominations received from her colleagues and clients echoed this. Janet is proud to share a part of her life with her service users and even more proud that they trust her to share their lives with her. Being a Lancashire born lass, who has spent the past 13 years in Yorkshire, she often feels homesick at times, but Springfield have become her second family and really make a difference to her and that makes Springfield proud.

Care Newcomer (Care Villages) – Davidson Osuoha

Davidson is caring, compassionate and has a kind nature, constantly pushing himself to be the best that he can be, and learning new skills to improve how he supports those within his care. Davidson has made Seacroft Green his second home and he treats those within it as his family – supporting his team whenever and wherever he is needed. He enjoys making others smile and takes pride in everything he does. Davidson loves a challenge and believes that hard work pays off, exemplifying why he was the deserved winner of this award.

Care Newcomer (Homecare) – Maisie Briggs

Maisie has an infectious smile and is proud to make a difference to the lives of the people she supports – often dedicating her days off to spend time with her customers. She is a young carer who has a wealth of knowledge around care, delivering high quality compassionate care which was evidenced in her nomination forms we received for her. Maisie was inspired by her Great Grandad to do something worthwhile. In order to help others, she chose a career in care, and we are glad that she did as we are so proud to have you as a member of the Springfield family.

Care Team (Care Villages) – Mayfield View Care Home

The team at Mayfield View are a strong, caring, and professional team who put their residents at the heart of everything they do. As a team, they have overcome a great deal of change in recent months and have risen to all of the challenges that they have been faced with. Through the respect and care that they have for each other and their residents, the team have created a seamless and family feel approach to their care delivery and are proud to be a ‘part of the residents extended family.

Care Team (Homecare) – Laurens Team (Hartlepool)

The judges felt that Lauren’s Team oozed spirit and teamwork during their interview. By communicating and understanding their own strengths and weaknesses, they are able to support each other in enhancing the lives of their clients and achieve the best possible outcomes every day. The team are very passionate about person centred care, and it was clear that the client is at the centre of everything they do.

Leadership (Care Villages) – Eve Moran

Eve has shown herself to be a highly accomplished and genuinely skilled leader, with an amazing enthusiasm to always succeed. She nurtures her team at Seacroft Grange to achieve great things for residents, maximising everyone’s potential and supporting them to flourish in both their personal and career aspirations.

Eve’s team clearly mean a lot to her and she takes great pride in watching them develop. She also spoke passionately about delivering exceptional care and helping others to understand that “the vision is more than just her or them” – a thought inspiring statement which emphasises the understanding Eve has towards her team, her residents, and the care sector.

Leadership (Homecare) – Suzanne Rogers

Suzanne clearly understands how to lead a team through difficult situations. A hardworking and dedicated manager who goes the extra mile to support her customers and colleagues. The team is everything to Suzanne, she believes they are all in it together and works hard to support anyone who needs it – adapting her style to suit the individual to ensure the team continue to deliver person centred care. 8 years from on-call supervisor to registered manager, and very worthy of her role.

Dignity Champion (Care Villages) – Ella Bond

Ella is a lovely, kind, and compassionate carer, and her enthusiasm is quite infectious. She puts herself in the shoes of those she cares for, and tailors her empathy to their needs. Ella often spends her spare time contacting family members to update them on their loved ones, enhancing the connections and rapport that she has built with them, and is really proud of the positive feedback she has received from those she supports.

Ella helps to mentor new staff starting their journey in care and is always seeking ways to improve herself to enable her to be the best she can be. Ella has introduced memory scrap books with the residents at Chocolate Works so they can be reminded of special occasions, and we hope this evening is one that she won’t forget – well done Ella!

Dignity Champion (Homecare) – Beth Lancaster

It’s the personal touches that make all the difference for Beth – things like knowing her customers birthdays and baking them a cake so they know someone cares. She is a bright and smiley carer, who is very enthusiastic about delivering high-quality person-centred care. Knowing she has done everything to the best of her ability in supporting peoples worth and values and seeing the smile on their faces as a result of this. Communication, working together, and knowing your own worth adds value to the care you give and Beth’s understanding of this couldn’t be clearer, which will make her a great Trainee Nursing Associate (TNA). Beth is proud to work for Springfield and we are proud to have her.


Front Line Leaders Award (Homecare) – Joanne Massey

With an infectious laugh, it is hard not to be drawn into Joanne’s enthusiasm for her colleagues and services users. She is clearly a “lead by example” team player who brings care workers up to her level by coaching and mentoring in the community. With an approachable nature, Joanne supports her team to deliver great care, and this has been recognised by those around her. Clearly, she has played a significant part in mobilising the new South Tyneside contract and is highly regarded by colleagues.

Support Team Member – Front of House (Care Villages) – Kirsty Neale

It is evident that Kirsty brought a wealth of experience to her role in Mayfield View‘s wellbeing and activities team. Spending quality time with residents, hearing of their history, and helping them learn new skills and achieve well being on a daily basis are what she feels makes her role amazing. She supports the staff around her, teaching them techniques to give them the confidence to interact with residents on different levels.

Delivering Springfield’s values, finding a purpose to the resident’s daily life, giving 100% to every day, and inspiring others to be better is what defines Kirsty and her well being role.

Home Manager, Adel, receiving the award on behalf of Kay

Support Team Member – Back of House (Care Villages) – Kay Hanlon

Kay absolutely puts the residents first and is a role model to the younger members of the team. Lighting up someone’s day and making them smile and ensuring they feel comfortable are some of the reasons she loves her role.

Kay understands the need to work as a team and is willing to help out whenever and wherever she is needed, guiding, and encouraging those around her to be the best they can be. Kay is proud to work at Seacroft Green, and Springfield is proud to have her.

Palliative Care/End of Life Care (Homecare) – Maureen Cronin

Maureen is a fireball of passion when it comes to end-of-life care. Her relentless and tenacious approach to organising services and operational colleagues around service users is an amazing example to us all. Maureen actively advocates for the needs and wishes of all her customers, going above and beyond to ensure the care meets and exceeds expectations. Her mantra of “if you can care, you can do anything” makes her a role model to all younger carers finding their way at the start of their careers. Providing quality care for individuals and their families makes Maureen an inspiration to all.

Support Team Member (Homecare) – Terry Perkins

Terry loves meeting and developing new people and helping them to understand the importance of making a difference in the correct way. In his training role, he feels he is in a position to positively influence new staff with the culture of Springfield, and often goes the extra mile to support his colleagues. Terry always tries to improve people’s competence and clinical skills so they can deliver exceptional care, and his long-term experience within the care sector is an invaluable resource in supporting everyone within the company. This is Terry’s third time being a SARAs finalists, but his first as a very deserving winner.

Star of Stars (Care Villages) – Michelle Horner

Michelle is a very calm, caring, organised individual who is passionate about her role. Greeting the homes visitors with a smile, she is always on hand to support her team as well as the residents’ relatives and loved ones when they need her.

There has been a huge positive impact on the home since the reception was opened and the judges felt that Michelle’s enthusiasm and friendly manner were a contributing factor to this. She is an amazing additional to the team!

Award received on behalf of Richard Durkin

Star of Stars (Homecare) – Richard Durkin

The judges were under no doubt that Richard is proud to be a support worker. The passion and enthusiasm that he has for his role, and the care and dedication that he has towards his service users beamed from him during the finalist day. Richard feels there is nothing better than seeing someone smile, and that was clear from the examples of extraordinary care that he relayed during his interview. Continually going above and beyond to make a difference to people’s lives is at the forefront of everything he does.

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