Incredible Edible – New Mural at Garforth

We were delighted to hear from Incredible Edible earlier this month who told us about their new community art in Garforth. Incredible Edible aims to create kind, confident and connected communities. By using food as a leveller and through the power of volunteers, the group has spent the past year planting free food for the community across Garforth including tomatoes, strawberries and courgettes.

Their exciting art project has started with a new mural in Garforth thanks to funding from Leeds Inspired. Murals bring art into public places, outside of traditional art galleries and museum spaces. They can also be used to promote social ideas, can symbolise local history and give a community a sense of identity. They also give any plain looking high street a splash of colour, character and beauty!

Local artists Penny Rowe (@PennysCommunityArts) and Angela Hennessy (@RaspberryThief) have designed a mural to get people talking and will show plants growing upwards as a positive symbol of growth. The design also incorporates edible flowers. A lot of people don’t know that flowers like Lavender, Sunflowers and Dandelions can be used to put in salads or make tea!

Look out for the new mural on the Emsleys estate agents wall on Main Street. We hope it will be the first of many and that our community will foster a little curiosity as to what grows around them and how they can benefit from it. To find out more and to get in touch, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages @ediblegarforth.

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