Celebrating Jamaican Independence Day

Jamaican Independence Day is celebrated each year on 6th August since 1962 when Jamaica became independent with full dominion status in the Commonwealth. At Seacroft Green Care Centre, residents enjoyed two days of celebrations which involved a selection of activities, fancy dress, delicious foods and plenty of reggae music!

We used malt loaf/soreen and icing to recreate the Jamaican flag on our Garden community – our residents did a truly fantastic job! They also requested reggae music to sing and dance along too. One of our residents even wore his best Bob Marley t-shirt!

Our “Reggae reggae treat trolley” included a selection of delicious foods including plantain chips, melon, ginger beer, curried veg, rice, flat roti, hard-dough bread, cheese, banana cake and spiced fruit buns! What a day we had!

Jamaican Independence Day celebrations at Seacroft Green Care Centre