Relatives Panel – 8th March 2023

In NICHE-Leeds we regularly speak with residents’ loved ones. The next Engaged Family and Friends panel meeting is on 8th March 2022 at 7pm (via Zoom). Read below to hear more about how family and friends get involved, what they think of NICHE-Leeds, and how you can hear more and sign up to attend the next meeting.


Are you a relative? Are you a friend? Would you like to be involved in the NICHE-Leeds Engaged Family and Friends Panel?

Residents’ loved ones are part of NICHE-Leeds; the Engaged Family and Friends panel. The panel meet regularly and their experiences of care home life and care helps us to understand:

  • What matters to residents and their loved ones
  • What is going well and what could be better

Taking residents’ loved ones perspectives into account means our work becomes more meaningful and relevant. The topics discussed vary each month. In recent meetings we’ve discussed the following:

  • increasing the number of male workers in social care
  • mouth and oral care
  • attracting, recruiting and retaining more nurses and care workers
  • the questions residents’ loved ones have about the care


Janet Parkin and Yvonne Bell are members of the panel.

Read below to hear about their experience of being part of NICHE-Leeds:

“Both my mum and dad have lived together in a care home since 2021. It was a big change to adapt to living somewhere new. During 2022 I attended a NICHE-Leeds Engaged Family and Friends panel meeting as I wanted to learn more about the work carried out in NICHE-Leeds. As a panel member I attend monthly meetings, take part in discussions, and share my parents’ experience of living in a care home. I also suggest ideas which feeds into work being carried out to improve the experience of residents and their families. I enjoy meeting others who also have loved ones living in care homes, and together exchanging our stories and experiences”

Janet Parkin: Family and Friend Representative


“My mum moved into a care home in 2019, and lived there until she passed away in June 2022. When I saw a flyer about the NICHE-Leeds Engaged Family and Friends panel – I was curious. My mum was happy in the home, and I could see the bond between her and the care staff. I did wonder though about how some things could be improved. I joined the panel to help bring positive changes. We meet via Zoom for one hour almost every month. We discuss a variety of topics, the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed, supportive and non-judgemental. Depending on commitments we choose how much we get involved with projects. As family and friends our views are important in research and I’m glad to give something back to the care sector who provided so much to my Mum in her final years. I encourage anybody to have an open mind and join, you will be welcomed by us all.”

Yvonne Bell: Family and Friend Representative


Do you have a loved one living in a care home? Would you like to join us? You would be very welcome! The next Engaged Family and Friends panel meeting is on 8th March 2022 at 7pm (via Zoom). To hear more and sign up to the next meeting contact Reena Devi: R.Devi@Leeds.ac.uk