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Care Home Residents Across West Yorkshire Share Their Best Parenting Advice For Father’s Day 2023

We’re fast approaching this year’s Father’s Day (18th June). To mark this special occasion care home residents across Yorkshire have shared their words of wisdom for new fathers, and dads-to-be.

From providing a secure and safe home to ensuring your children have a good education, they’ve shared their practical advice, based on decades of experience.

With an average age of 89, residents at Mayfield View Care Home in Ilkley and Seacroft Grange Care Village in Leeds have enthusiastically shared their best parenting advice.

Father’s Day Wisdom for Yorkshire’s Younger Generations:

  • ‘Be prepared to listen to what the children have to say’, shares Keith (89 years old)
  • ‘Each child is different, communication is key’, shares Raymond (95 years old)
  • Always do what’s right and take life as it comes’, shares Dennis (92 years old)
  • ‘Be a good father – understanding, careful and work hard’, shares Ronnie (95 years old)
  • ‘Never go to bed on an argument’, shares David (84 years old)

79-year-old Ian shares the importance of making sure your children have a good education. His proudest parenting moment was watching his daughters passing-out parade at the Cadettes.

Ian shares, ‘I was very proud – she got to the same rank as me!’

Ronnie (95 years old) is a devoted parent and grandparent and just like Ian, he believes a good education is very important. Ronnie shares, ‘I was really proud to see my daughter’s child graduate from university to be a teacher.’


Ronnie, resident at Seacroft Grange Care Village

92-year-old Dennis believes having a strong relationship with your children is the key to great parenting.

Dennis shares, ‘I’m very proud of how close myself and my daughter are and how she has always been there for me through the good times and the bad. I always appreciate it.’

Raymond (95 years old) believes having fun with your children and bringing them up with good manners is important.

One of his favourite parenting memories is when his youngest son was asked to draw a picture in school. Raymond’s son chose to draw a picture of God. When the teacher said, ‘No-one knows what he looks like’, his son replied, ‘No but they will when I’m finished’.

Whilst Keith (89 years old) shares his favourite memory from parenthood was watching his son take his first steps in the park whilst visiting family.

Keith, resident at Mayfield View Care Home

“From lessons of wisdom to helpful parenting hacks – there’s plenty of parenthood lessons we can take from older generations. What’s more for older adults there are lots of benefits of reminiscing and revisiting treasured memories from the past”, shares Will Donnelly, Care Expert and Co-Founder at Lottie.

“Reminiscing is such a great activity to do with your elderly loved ones and benefits the whole family.

After remembering happy memories, you’ll find your older relatives are often brighter and may smile more. Engaging in these types of conversations helps maintain balance, and it can even bring family members closer together. These past experiences that your elderly relative shares are valuable memories that can be passed onto future generations.

Reminiscing together is a wonderful way to communicate with anyone living with dementia. Activities involving reflection can improve their self-esteem and physical health by lowering their blood pressure. It also improves their communication skills and lowers their stress levels.”

Press release from Lottie.

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