Safe Visits

Covid restrictions in care homes have now been eased, with updates to care homes visitations, self-isolation, testing and outbreak guidance.

  1. There are no limits on the number of visitors per resident, however, we do ask that you continue to book all visits.
  2. Self-isolation periods will be reduced from 14 to 10 days for residents who test positive, with further reductions if they test negative on days five and six.
  3. Care staff will be asked to take lateral flow tests before each shift. They will no longer be required to take weekly PCR tests.
  4. Testing and isolation rules following normal visits out are no longer required.
  5. If an outbreak was to occur, outbreak management rules are reduced from 28 days to 14 days.

Although there are still protocols to follow to keep residents, staff and visitors safe, the change in guidance is a positive step forward. We’re excited to welcome visitors more frequently, to spend quality time with their loved ones. As always, we will continue to be as flexible as we can be and we will continue to risk assess along the way.

It is possible that there will come a time where we must close the home to indoor and general visits due to outbreaks. In these circumstances, we will aim to continue to offer visits outdoors, in screened visiting rooms and window visits. EFCs will be able to continue indoor visits, as long as they are testing in line with the guidance (please discuss this with the Home Manager).

To find out more, visit gov.uk.



“An EFC is a family member or friend who the resident feels is an essential element in maintaining their physical, emotional and mental, and who helps them feel happier and well.”

The essential care giver role is important to supporting residents’ health and wellbeing.

We encourage our residents to nominate someone to become their EFC, someone who can visit the home to support with care needs and to provide companionship.

Being an EFC means that you will be able to visit your loved one more flexibly and continue visiting even when there is an outbreak, or the resident is in isolation. You just need to book visits at reception as usual. As always, we are happy to discuss this with you and answer any questions you may have.

For the latest Government guidelines regarding EFCs, visit gov.uk.



We know how important visits are. They are important for residents’ health and wellbeing to stay connected with family and friends, and it’s lovely for staff to see the joy that spending time with loved ones brings. You are welcome to visit 7 days a week, we just ask that you continue to book your visits via our reception team. We will continue to risk assess visits so please bear with us if we can’t always accommodate your preferred visiting time.

We would be grateful if visitors were double vaccinated and received their booster, but we appreciate that this is not mandatory.

If you would like to visit a resident in one of our homes and are feeling unwell, we ask that you hold off from visiting, even if you’ve tested negative for COVID-19 and are fully vaccinated. Please be patient and wait at least 5 days after you are feeling better before coming to see us.

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