Day Care Assistant - 3 days full time

  • To assist residents with all aspects of residents’ daily living. Providing a high standard of personal care and oral care, supporting suitable nutrition and hydration, and giving assistance as and when required.
  • To serve food and drinks and promote good hydration throughout the shift.  To assist with the promotion of additional calories for those residents who need nutritional support and maintaining dietary requirements for residents as per their care plan.
  • To administer medication to residents if qualified to do so and maintain accurate administration records.
  • Carry out regular checks on residents ensuring all residents are clean and comfortable, and their own level of personal appearance is maintained.  To assist residents who need additional support with moving, pressure relief or incontinence.  To ensure residents are cared for in all health aspects, including pressure care, personal grooming, health conditions, skin integrity etc.
  • To ensure residents remain stimulated, are encouraged and assisted to join in activities, can access services such as chiropodists, hairdressers etc.  To assist with trips out of the home, and into the community as and when required.
  • Carry out regular checks on the building with special reference to fire prevention and security.
  • Answer alarms as quickly as practicable and give residents any support, assistance and comfort they may require.
  • Undertake daily maintenance duties in communal areas – cleaning of chairs and tables, maintaining tidy bedrooms, emptying and cleaning commodes when used, the general cleaning of communal toilets. 
  • Assist residents who need help bathing, or showering.
  • Before leaving shift, ensure all residents are checked and that any who need assistance with continence receive this prior to next staff taking over.
  • Read care plans and notes for information on residents and ensure you understand how to care for a resident properly. Write accurate detailed progress notes, ensure any accident or incident is reported factually, and a comprehensive handover is completed with oncoming staff.
  • To maintain your own professional competency by attending training courses and information sessions as directed by the Registered Manager or Deputy Manager.
  • To be familiar with all emergency procedures, including the hospital escort procedure, and to understand that hospital escort is part of the role of care worker.

Additional information: 

At Springfield Healthcare, our main priority is the welfare and wellbeing of our residents and staff. Therefore, we require all our new staff to confirm that they have either had Covid-19 vaccine, or they are willing to receive it prior to start of the employment with us. There will be a requirement to sign a consent form to this effect at the point of a job interview.  

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Salary: 8.70-9.00
Location: Garforth, Leeds

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