Where do I start in my care journey?

We know that navigating the care system can be a bit much at times. It’s not always easy to know where to start or what type of care might be best for your needs.

You are in safe hands with Team Springfield. We’re experts in care and we are with you every step of the way.

We will tailor a care package to your needs, caring for you wherever and whenever you need. From care in your own home through to residential, nursing, dementia and palliative care.

Get in touch and we can talk you through the options and help you decide what’s best for you.

It really matters to us that we support you wherever and whenever you need us, and we are proud to say our that care offering is unique. We can care for you in your home, we’ll come and visit as often as you need, or provide live-in care if you need that bit extra. We also offer luxury residential, nursing and dementia care. We can care for complex needs and support you with palliative care too.

We even have visitor suites available so you can come and stay if you want to be close to a loved one overnight.

Making the decision that it is time to look for some care for a loved one is hard enough without all the jargon. We’re on a mission to change that and make things easier for you. We’re working on a jargon buster at the moment, so look out for that!

Care pathway is a term often used in the care industry. Your Care Pathway simply describes the journey that your care may take, how it could all be managed and who might need to be involved.

When choosing a care home it is important to consider if that home can meet the needs of your Care Pathway now and in the future. Some care homes do not offer nursing care or dementia care for example, so if your needs change you might have to move home which can be very unsettling.

We understand that your care needs changing is a big enough thing to deal with, without the additional upheaval and upset of having to move homes. So, at Springfield we offer a unique care pathway from care at your home through to a complete care pathway in our homes, meaning we offer residential care through to complex nursing, and palliative care.

We’re here for you right through your care journey and there should be no need for you to move from your home with us if your needs change.

Deciding it’s time to move into a home, or making that decision for a loved one who may be struggling at home, can be difficult and emotional. Ultimately, the best timing will be very personal, but we are here to help and guide you along the way.

Allow time to talk together about what’s best for your family. Discuss what you are looking for in a home, the things that are important, nice to haves and what level of care you think you might need. Then get in touch, our Care Home Managers and their admissions teams are experts and very happy to help.

That’s a tricky one to answer, it will depend on so many things. The most important thing to us is that you feel you are at home, so of course the decision on how long you stay is up to you. You can come and make our home your home or come for a short respite stay. People who come to us for a short stay often enjoy it so much that they come back again. And of course, if you want support in deciding what’s right for you then we can help with that.

Our unique care offering means we can tailor the right level of care to you, even as your needs change. Care is personal and so we ensure that the care we give you is personalised, unique to you and your needs. We’re alongside you on your care journey.

We hope to be able to welcome you to visit our homes again soon. In the meantime, we can take you on a ‘zoom tour’ with one of our team. Or we have 360 virtual tours for most of our homes, you’ll find those on our website.

Our homes are beautiful and luxurious, and rooms can differ in size, view and décor. The cost of your room will depend on those variants and also the level of care you may need. Through our assessment process we will be able to provide an accurate quote for you. Prices are different across our different homes but typically start at around £850-£1000 per week.

Yes, we have dedicated dementia communities in all our homes and can offer at home care for people with dementia too.

We offer both residential and nursing care in our homes.

Residential care allows people to continue living relatively independently and even make new friends. Our staff are always there for support, and personal care is often needed.

Nursing care is offered by our teams led by qualified nurses. This means that medication can be administered and medical support and assistance tailored to individual needs, also including personal care.

What do I need to know about funding my place in your home?

We understand that working your way through the complexities of funding a care home place can be challenging and confusing. We are very much here to help you through the process. We are producing some guides that will support you (watch this space) and you are always welcome to call for advice.

No, we don’t charge any admin or management fees. Our invoicing is done on a 4 weekly cycle.

The price of moving into a care home is different for everyone. The price you pay will depend on the home you choose, the room you select and the level of care you need. Our rooms typically start at about £850 – £1000 a week depending on location.

If you are funding your own care and you are worried that you may not be able to continue doing so, then let us know and then get in touch with your local authority. They will be able to assess your care needs and decide if you are eligible for funding. Using a combination of Local Authority funding and top up from family members can sometimes be an option. We do not want to see our residents have to leave their home, so always come and talk to us sooner rather than later. We will be there to support you.

What do I need to know about life in your homes?

We understand the importance of great food, enjoying a lovely drink, and also a special dining experience. Mealtimes are one of the highlights of the day in all our homes.

We offer a choice at every meal and we can always prepare something special for you. We cater for all dietary requirements. Our meals are award winning and carefully chosen to be balanced and nutritious. Some of our homes even have private chefs, and we can offer a private dining experience for a special occasion, a family gathering or just because.

We always lay place settings properly and with flowers, whether the meal is eaten in one of our dining rooms or your own room.

Of course. We would love to welcome you.

Absolutely. Our home is your home. We want your room to feel welcoming and familiar, and we love to see all our residents treasured possessions. We can even help you bring your own furniture from home. There are some regulations that we need to comply with, such as fire, health & safety, but we can talk you through that.

Yes, our companion rooms are available for couples, friends or relatives who might like to share. Or perhaps you just want a bit more space.

We are very proud of our wellbeing activities offering. A good range of things that our residents can be involved in is important to the life of our homes and they help with physical, social and mental health as well. There is always a rolling programme of events that residents can choose from. Dance, music, cooking, exercise all take place regularly. We always love hearing about our residents’ hobbies and interests and planning events around them too.

All our homes have outdoor space available, and our residents love getting outside for a breath of fresh air, a chat in the sunshine, or a cup of tea. Some of our homes have rooms with private garden terraces.

Our home is your home. You can welcome your friends and family as often as you like, whenever you like. They can even join you for meals or take part in our activities. Of course, this is now subject to current visitor guidelines relating to COVID-19. Click here to find the latest advice.

All our homes have free parking right outside the home.

Yes, we want to you to feel at home with us, and we understand a paper is often an important part of a daily routine.

Yes, we have a safe system for managing residents’ money in our homes.

Of course, our friendly reception team distribute any post for residents daily.

In certain circumstances we are able to welcome a well-behaved pet, however, it isn’t guaranteed. Please speak to the individual homes to find out more.

Homecare FAQs

We understand the importance of staying in your own home – being in your own community, surrounded by your own things and your memories means a great deal.

Springfield Home Care can help with our range of services to help you stay confidently and comfortably in your own home, perhaps when things are being a little tricky or relatives are worrying about you. Our help means you can keep the independence that you already have that means so much, and our carers can even assist you on tasks and outings that help you gain even more independence.

At Springfield we don’t offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ Home Care package, we know that every person is unique and so we tailor our care package to the individual and their circumstances.

Home Care is great for families as your loved one can stay in their own home, you can visit whenever it’s convenient safe in the knowledge that they are in good hands when you can’t be there.

Springfield has over 20 years of experience delivering care into people’s homes and we offer a unique care pathway which means when a client’s needs change we can help, advise and deliver solutions in their best interests.

Choosing a high quality, trusted Home Care provider with care pathway options removes a great deal of stress surrounding long term decision making for your loved one. We create strong and compassionate relationships with our clients and, should you need the option, we are able to offer a smooth transition to a residential setting later along the line.

You can be reassured that we take care of the essentials, so you can spend precious time doing the things you love most together.

Springfield offers a variety of different Home Care services, all delivered with the same ethos of kindness, dignity and care:

  • Care at home
  • Live–in care
  • Supported living
  • Clinical services
  • Complex Needs and Learning
  • Disabilities
  • Children services

The Springfield team is proud to work closely with dementia champions and friends, as well as being affiliated with the Alzheimer’s society. Here at Springfield, we recognise how hard it can be to care for someone living with dementia and we have many years of experience helping and supporting families. The Springfield Team offers expertise specific to dementia with all our carers having undertaken dementia training programmes upon joining the Springfield family.

Our priority is to ensure that you feel happy and safe in your home. We understand how sharing your space with someone new may be daunting and know how important it is that feel suitably matched with your carer.

We take time to carefully select the right carer for each individual, whether that be similar interests or a shared passion. However, we ensure that all Springfield carers are empathetic, trustworthy people with kind, friendly natures, who have a strong desire to build caring relationships with their clients.

All Springfield Carers have vetting checks, DBS certificates, extensive references and have passed a full employment background check with flying colours.

At Springfield we are passionate about ensuring the best quality of care. We can evidence this through our in-depth carer training programmes, our systems and process which underpin our care delivery and throughout all our branches with our “CQC good” ratings.

We like to like to use something we call the ‘Mum Test’. Simply, would I be happy for this person to take care of my own mum? Only people who we would be more than happy to care for our own nearest and dearest, care for yours.

Yes, there is. During our initial chat we can talk through your options to link in with local authorities for a financial needs assessment. We are here to support you step by step through that initial referral process and have lots of experience of helping people with this. Nothing is too much trouble, and no question is silly. It can be really daunting so we’re with you every step.

No, we have a fully inclusive weekly cost.

No, this is taken care of separately. We’ll talk you through all this so you don’t have to worry.

Yes, absolutely. If you’d like to pay for additional help and support then that can be easily arranged.

It’s simple: We’ll have an initial chat about what sort of care you think you need, then our trained experts will complete an initial assessment of individual needs together with a risk assessment to identify the care services needed and how they can best be delivered. We then develop a care package designed specifically for the person needing care.

Of course. Upon joining the Springfield family, you will receive a service user guide with useful contacts during and after office hours.

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