We continue to safely admit new residents. Here’s how …

At Springfield Healthcare our focus is always the safety and wellbeing of our residents and of our staff.  We’ve invested substantially across many areas to provide safe and stimulating environments. Our wellbeing teams and their programmes ensure that our residents can stay in touch with family as well as enjoy a wide range of activities while visiting restrictions are in place. We always allow individually risk assessed compassionate visits and we support any visits subject to guidance and careful assessment of the risks.

  • We have ample supplies of PPE
  • We have thorough infection control measures in place
  • We have invested in all of our wellbeing teams to support residents’ physical and mental wellbeing and to help them to keep in touch
  • We have regular testing of all staff, residents and visitors

Our policies

We regularly update our policies regarding visits and trips from your care home in line with government guidance.

Visits – Latest Guidance

We recognise how important receiving visitors, leaving the home and going outside is for our residents’ health and wellbeing and their ability to remain at the heart of family and social networks.  Therefore we are delighted that is becoming easier to welcome you back into our homes and it will be wonderful to see residents once more enjoying the day trips they so love.

We’re happy to be able to share with you some information on the latest relaxation in rules and details on how we are managing the change in a safe way for our residents, visitors and staff.

Please note that from the 11th of November any professionals and contractors visiting our homes will need to show proof of double vaccination before entering. We will not need to see proof from friends and family visiting our residents. Thank you for being understanding.

Visiting Information

Trips from your Care Home

  • Residents are now able to leave their care home for a few reasons. You will need to adhere to national rules around covid and social distancing but the resident will no longer need to isolate for 14 days after the outing.

Approved trips include:

  • To go to work or to take part in education or training.
  • For medical appointments such as GP appointments, excluding overnight stays in hospital.
  • To take part in other activities that maintain or improve their health and wellbeing.
  • All trips out of the home will need to be planned in advance, so we ask that you allow plenty of time to avoid any disappointment.
  • A risk assessment will need to be completed for each trip. Each assessment will depend on the resident and home in question and unfortunately there may be times when we need to say no. We hope that you can understand it is always with the best interests of your loved ones in mind.
  • Visits should take place outdoors, except for toilet trips. At this stage no overnight visits can be allowed.
  • Visits should not involve the use of any public transport.
  • Residents may be accompanied on their trip by:
    • A member of care home staff.
    • One of their nominated visitors, or more than one if they are from the same household.
    • Their essential care provider where applicable.

In the unfortunate event of a covid breakout in one of our homes we will have to review both visits and trips outside.

We hope that provides a little clarity. As always this policy will be subject to change at any time, as the government continues to monitor the effectiveness of the vaccine, levels of infection in local areas and any new emerging variants. Of course, if you have any questions do get in touch with your home manager. We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you wish to contact us, please get in touch