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The Best in Children Services

Helping a child with additional needs to get the very best from their environment requires a special kind of care. Our friendly childcare programme is high quality and reliable, with carers specially selected for their rapport and expertise with children.

Your child will have a tailored care package which recognises their ever-changing needs and builds on their strengths to encourage independence. From getting ready for school or college in the morning to messy play, shopping trips and help with mealtimes – we offer practical and engaging help with your child’s needs at the very heart.

How we can help with

Children Services

Care packages are tailored to meet your specific requests, including:

  • Getting ready for school or college in the mornings
  • One-to-one support at school
  • Shopping trips, social or cultural events, leisure and sport
  • Help with personal care, meals and feeding
  • Attending medical appointments
  • Doing activities at home
  • Getting ready for bed and perhaps a bedtime story
  • Supporting the family to establish daily routines

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