Staff Spotlight – Sam Enright

At Springfield Healthcare we are incredibly proud of our passionate and friendly care teams. We have created a blog series to shine a spotlight on some of these individuals, to find out more about their roles and responsibilities as well as what day-to-day interactions they have with our residents.

This month, we have spoken to Sam Enright, Wellbeing Team Leader at Seacroft Green.

Sam Enright, Wellbeing Team Leader at Seacroft Green


What is your job role at Springfield Healthcare?

I am the Wellbeing Team leader at Seacroft Green. I started in May 2022 and I already feel so at home!

My induction training was carefully thought out and planned. I spent some time at Seacroft Grange, shadowing Linda (Wellbeing Team Leader). I was astonished at the level of high professionalism and efficiency I experienced during my initial training.

On my first day at Seacroft Green, I was invited into the Managers office by Amy (HR Manager) to meet with Home Manager Adel… I was a nervous wreck! Adel was so relaxed and genuinely happy to welcome me. I had such a warm feeling, I felt so welcomed and valued just an hour into being at Seacroft Green!

Following this, I then spent a day in each community at Seacroft Green, reading care plans and spending quality time with residents to get to know them. I was reading care plans when along came two members of wellbeing – dressed as Tudors! They headed straight towards me with some music playing and a trolley full of goodies!

Libby greeted me and said she was really looking forward to working with me. Libby handed me a costume that she had ordered for me and that was it, I was joining in with the activities of the day. It was absolutely brilliant!

I can honestly say, Springfield Healthcare organised such a well-executed induction for my start. It undoubtedly contributed to my easy transition and settled me into the home.


How long have you been working at Seacroft Green?

I have been working at Seacroft Green since April 2022. I was previously the Activity Coordinator at a care home in Wakefield, I loved my job there but desired more.

Since I started at Seacroft Green, I have had such job satisfaction and I am really content and happy within my role.


Which care home are you mainly based at? Do you ever visit or work at any others or are you fixed to one location?

I am based at Seacroft Green although we have started to work alongside Seacroft Grange with our Working Aged Adults. We plan to host events together and special event nights like, curry nights, fish and chips nights and movie nights, for example.


What is the best thing about working for Springfield Healthcare?

It’s difficult to say what the best thing is about working for Springfield. The reason for this is that I find the company on a whole, amazing!

From the person-centred care residents receive and the exciting well-being and benefits that we have access to as employees. The overall best thing is the amount of support I get, when needed, from the management team.


What sort of other domestic and non-care-related tasks do you offer to residents?

We promote an array of different activities to support residents’ well-being and we encourage home duties such as folding clothes, sorting socks, making meals and cooking/baking.

Residents also take weekly walks around the green and sometimes we pop to Tesco for a bit of shopping and a cup of coffee in the café.

We also have a very successful Gardening club called ‘Green fingers’ which we have recently formed a committee group for since it has become so popular.


What is the best thing about the team of staff at Springfield Healthcare?

I work alongside some of the most passionate, caring people and it always makes my day run smoother when you have positive, helpful people around. Everyone supports one another, and the support that the well-being team get from the care teams when delivering meaningful activities to our residents is amazing.

Most of the time staff from all communities and departments join in with our resident activities! From the receptionist dancing away to reggae music on Jamaican Independence Day to the housekeeping team singing for us on the karaoke machine – it makes our home vibrant, fun and every day is different!