Nurturing Your

every need

We want to learn about your interests and routines so that we can create a variety of activities and opportunities for you. We carefully design our activities programmes, across our homes, to support your physical, social and psychological wellbeing, every single day.

Keeping active helps to sustain both physical and mental health, especially for elderly people. It is important to us that you maintain your interests and develop new ones. We understand that enjoyable activities are different from one person to the next, and our person-centred care plans allow us to tailor our programme to each individual. Our small communities allow for personalised support, not only by our care team, but by our activities and wellbeing team who work to engage and encourage each resident.

Innovative & Unique

ideas and opportunities

When you come to live in your new home with us, you will have your very own ‘This Is Me’ profile. This allows our care team to stay updated with existing hobbies, interests and skills to allow us to create new opportunities for you to try.

Last year, residents enjoyed monthly ‘Grab Your Passport Days’ with virtual trips across the world. This year, we’ve introduced our ‘Step Back in Time’ initiative to take residents back to enjoy the different decades through food, music, dance and fancy dress.

Examples of

our activities

At our Springfield homes, we provide a plethora of activities from:

  • Music Sessions & Sensory Stimulation
  • Seated Spin & Physical Exercises
  • Gardening, Painting & Pottery
  • Sewing, Knitting & Crocheting
  • Taste Test Sessions
  • Specially organised trips out of the homes

… and much much more!

Iria Cunha

Dementia and Wellbeing Lead

“Last year, we planned twelve months of ‘Grab Your Passport! Days’ where residents virtually visited a different country each month. We wanted to connect our residents with the greater world and allow them to experience a variety of cultures and tastes from all over the globe. This initiative was hugely successful, and we’re excited to see how our residents enjoy the ‘Step Back In Time’ days.”