Iria Cunha

Wellbeing and Dementia Lead at Springfield Healthcare

Alongside my wellbeing role, I also work as a NICHE–Leeds Practice Linking Pin, establishing connections between scientists and our company to develop scientifically tested solutions to topics that matter to people living, working or visiting our care homes.  I believe research is fundamental in helping to enhance quality of care and this valuable partnership gives us a voice in shaping research that impacts our practice .

If you would like to know more about the NICHE-Leeds partnership and our work, or if you would like to get involved please feel free to get in touch.

E: iria.cunha@springfieldcarevillages.com

Reena Devi

NICHE-Leeds Scientific Linking Pin

I work as a NICHE-Leeds Scientific Linking Pin for Springfield Healthcare. I enjoy talking to staff, residents and relatives and hearing about what matters to them, and working together to bring solutions that will enhance life, care and work in care homes. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to hear more about NICHE-Leeds and what we’re currently working on.

E: R.Devi@Leeds.ac.uk.